Sunday, March 22, 2009

My very own feelings to start with

Today I am a wrecked craft ,
Searching for an enabling thought ,
To prove my innocence
Against the shameless world

Today I am a helpless bird ,
Trying to prove my bounds
Trying to free myself

From the clutches of ,
The so-called free world.

Today I am a caught fish
Struggling for life
To deny the ugly truth
That everything ends up in itself.

Today I am an unseen tomorrow ,
Waiting for my tomorrow to come.
Waiting for that anxious day . . .
When my thoughts would gain a feeling ;
When my feelings would gain emotional warmth ;

Yes , I am waiting for that precious moment . . .
Where I could feel the very existence of myself .

Yes , I am waiting for that atmosphere . . . .
Where there would be no one else – but myself. . . . .
A proper world solely of my dreams. . . . . . . .



  1. i wish all your dreams comes in true......... Sandesh

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  3. Dear all,

    Everybody has a passion, an interest of deep such i have for writing and painting. Please share your views and comments for your words will be the stepping stone for me to excel...

  4. actually m not good in expressing my feelings... can say dont have words or good language command.. simply can say its very touchy...

  5. Being a dreamer is the first step towards success.
    Good beginning. :)
    Way to go!!!