Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha…..we call him the Lord of all beginnings . . .

Dear friends

This is one aura of Lord Ganesh that I loved painting so much..
My painting depicts the Lord in a dancing pose.
A posture that offers strength of immense power. The Lord shows a bit aggressive posture on one foot. And the aggression is for destroying the evil.

At the same time he also confers upon us…his blessings which are the driving force for every single soul. The lord’s eyes…those beautiful lotus shaped eyes offer so much confidence and faith. You have one look into those beautiful lotus-eyes and your heart will melt away as ice melts with mere contact of water.

Dear friends, I have always felt that eyes are the doors to your heart, your mind and your emotional quotient. Be it God or a human being. Just try looking into the eyes of someone and you’ll know what’s going on in their minds. As such, looking at the deep, profound and penetrating eyes of the lord, has always offered me solace and the belief that no matter what…my God will be the guiding factor behind my every endeavour as he is with everyone who instills this faith in himself.

I hope my dear Lord offers the same passionate faith to everyone…

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My very own feelings to start with

Today I am a wrecked craft ,
Searching for an enabling thought ,
To prove my innocence
Against the shameless world

Today I am a helpless bird ,
Trying to prove my bounds
Trying to free myself

From the clutches of ,
The so-called free world.

Today I am a caught fish
Struggling for life
To deny the ugly truth
That everything ends up in itself.

Today I am an unseen tomorrow ,
Waiting for my tomorrow to come.
Waiting for that anxious day . . .
When my thoughts would gain a feeling ;
When my feelings would gain emotional warmth ;

Yes , I am waiting for that precious moment . . .
Where I could feel the very existence of myself .

Yes , I am waiting for that atmosphere . . . .
Where there would be no one else – but myself. . . . .
A proper world solely of my dreams. . . . . . . .